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Andrew M. Levy, President and Founder

Andrew Levy was raised in Branford, Connecticut and attended Hopkins School in New Haven. In 1987, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. While there he served as the president of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity.

After testing the waters in many different fields Andrew received a firm job offer and began his career selling for Superior Restaurant Equipment in Baldwin, NY. He would eventually oversee sales in Connecticut.

Always a major New York Mets fan, timing would have it that prior to graduating college he met Kansas City Royals soon-to-be New York Mets pitcher David Cone in 1986. While selling restaurant equipment by day, Andrew began to rally his friends every fifth day to head out to Shea Stadium and don a "Conehead" as he and his friends created the "Cone Co'ner" cheering section at Shea Stadium.

Cone Co'ner 1988

Sports and sports promotions always fascinated Andrew dating back to when he participated in the now extinct "Banner Day" at Shea Stadium where fans created their own banners and were invited by the Mets to parade them onto the playing field between games of a doubleheader! With thoughts of promotions like Banner Day and the Coneheads in mind, it was Andrew's dream to get into sports marketing. In 1989, Andrew was introduced to Steiner Sports Marketing and began working there that fall.

Recognizing the hot bed of memorabilia collectors in the northeast in the early 90's, Andrew left Steiner Sports to open a retail memorabilia store and was able to lease space from Abraham & Straus Department store in New York City. Abraham & Straus, now defunct, closed its doors in New York City and the memorabilia store obviously went with it!

Andrew then went to work as a production coordinator for The Shooting Gallery, an independent film company in New York City. While working on the film Jaded, the company was releasing it's biggest box office hit Sling Blade starring Billy Bob Thornton. After working on several other films the officers of The Shooting Gallery wanted Andrew to head The Shooting Gallery Foundation and create several sports themed fundraisers. An annual celebrity basketball game and premier launch parties at Boomer Esiason's Sports Bar were early indications of the types of events Andrew would eventually be creating for his own company.

He began by assisting New York Yankee pitcher David Cone with his public appearances, fan mail service and charitable foundation and with Cone's assistance by way of introductions grew the company little by little constantly expanding its access to additional athletes and network of satisfied clients! The fan mail service was offered to many athletes and accepted by players such as Brian McRae and Bernie Williams. McRae's fan mail service led to his fan club called the, "McRaezies!"

In addition to being the president of Wish You Were Here Productions, Andrew has continued to serve as vice president of the David Cone Foundation and coordinated an annual charity softball tournament in Central Park, wine tastings and other unique fundraisers. He has recently formed The Don Larsen Foundation and will serve on its board.

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