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Bubba Crosby at the Center for Disability Services
Sunday January 29, 2006

New York Post Article, Friday, February 3, 2006

"For almost a decade, Wish You Were Here Productions and Andrew Levy have been securing big name sports celebrities for golf events and the annual telethon to benefit the Center for Disability Services. Their approach is unique because they are sensitive to the mission of our organization, and their first consideration is what athlete would best serve our specialized needs. They have never let us down and they have been instrumental in helping us develop relationships with sports franchises. Bubba Crosby from the Yankees appeared on our telethon January 29th and was a major reason we surpassed our $1.6 goal. Wish You Were Here Productions also supplies us with sports memorabilia which brings in significant money. They are accessible and resourceful. I consider Andrew and Wish You Were Here Productions part of the Disability Services family."

Anne Schneider-Costigan
Deputy Executive Director
Center for Disability Services

Center for Disability Services

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