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Many people ask about the origin of the name Wish You Were Productions. The answer to this little "fun fact" is that it traces back to Andrew Levy's college days at Lehigh University when he was the president of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. If there was a party hosted in the fraternity house, at the stroke of midnight Pink Floyd's hit song "Wish You Were Here"

could be heard blaring on the stereo system as the fraternity brothers and their friends gathered around in tribute to those not with them at the time for whatever reason.

Following college, Andrew began promoting nightclubs and parties in New York City at various venues. He got together with two of his fraternity brothers and had to print invitations that needed something to catch people's attention. Simply thinking back to their days at Lehigh they came up with, "Wish You Were Here Productions cordially invites you to...". Since that day in 1989 the name stuck!

Naturally as party promoters they were wishing people were there and as Andrew eventually got into sports marketing and went out on his own he thought that if people wanted an athlete to appear at a function they could be fantasizing about a player and thinking "Wish You Were Here". The name had evolved to mean different things but all with the same idea.

The tradition has carried on to the various functions that the fraternity brothers have attended for the past 20 years. As time moved on the horrible tragedy of September 11, 2001 occurred and it hit the fraternity hard when one of its own members, Scott Saber, was killed while preparing to give a keynote speech at the Windows on the World.

Over the years we felt it was important for people to know that no matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, there is always someone, somewhere thinking "Wish You Were Here!"

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