May 25, 2005 -- THAT famed chef Mario Batali raised eyebrows during his commencement address at Rutgers the other day when he talked about bong hits and urged graduates to do something fun before they were up to their "t - - s" in responsibilities . . . THAT Brides magazine is hosting the largest wedding cake event ever. A 15-foot-tall fantasy cake and a Martini & Rossi Asti champagne fountain made from 400 flutes and draped in Swarovski crystals appeared yesterday in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station . . . THAT marketing agent Andrew Levy just got his client Don Larsen and pal Yogi Berra the battery on the day Larsen pitched his perfect World Series game against the Brooklyn Dodgers to autograph the game ticket for John Doherty, 89, who was there Oct. 8, 1956. Doherty is ecstatic, Levy said at Da Tommaso restaurant.