The Rumble, July 22, 2007
Pal: Torre is color-blind

While Joe Torre remains mum about Gary Sheffield's accusations that the Yankees manager treats white players differently than black players, those close to him are still peeved. Marketing guru and chairman of Torre's charity golf outing, Tim O'Neill, called Sheffield out over his comments. "My family has known Joe since he was in high school," said O'Neill, whose father taught at St. Francis Prep when Torre was a student. "Joe Torre is by far the most color-blind guy I've ever met. I can distinctly remember when Joe was looking at golf clubs in the area to join. His number one concern was that the club accepted members based on character, not color or religious preference. Sheffield's latest misguided comments can be thrown on the scrap heap with his other lies." Torre eventually joined Trump National in Briarcliff Manor.